Employee Training

New Jersey International Open University

At New Jersey International Open University, We offer hundreds of corporate training topics that can be tailored to solve your company's performance challenges, support organizational development, and meet specific business objectives.

Our mission is to provide the expert advice and assistance in helping create the type of employees that you want to lead within your organization.

  • Employee Training
  • Business Consulting
  • Leadership Development
  • Individual Training

New Jersey International Open University offers continuing education programs focused directly on the participants actual working environment and project characteristics as opposed to often abstract, generic public programs. Our course directors and instructors implement your program, based on your schedule. This translates into higher participant satisfaction, greater retention and improved skill application.

New Jersey International Open University's successful employee learning experience is:

New Jersey International Open University course directors and instructors are internationally recognized, practicing experts in their respective fields with proven lecture and training skills. They represent not only New Jersey International Open University own internal faculty, but also a worldwide network of renowned master practitioners providing efficient and practical solutions to even the most difficult problems. They are experienced professionals who have planned, developed and presented in-house courses and seminars using their extensive knowledge and accomplishments.